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- You shall love your neighbor as yourself -


The Kingdom of Love 2111 Party has as its main goal the neutralization of hatred in Israeli society in all forms and the creation of conditions for the harmonious spiritual and physical development of every citizen in the country.


Dear friends! We will be glad to hear your suggestions, discuss them and incorporate into the platform of the political party that is currently being created.

Activists who are willing to take part in the formation of the party, its official registration and fruitful work, please contact the party Headquarters.

“PEACE, LOVE, JUSTICE” - draft program of the political party “Kingdom of Love”

 PEACE (Foreign Policy)

Planet Earth. The State of Israel, its role in the modern world. Jerusalem is the eternal and indivisible capital of Israel. Iran. Palestinian National Authority. Russia. USA. China. Alien civilizations.

 LOVE (Domestic Policy)
Men, women, children, animals. National communities in Israel. Mutual harmony between people. The harmony of man and nature. Innovation in economy. Innovation in education. Innovation in medicine. Human capital. Jerusalem Caucasian Club. Art, culture, sports. Insurance of female beauty.

 JUSTICE (Government Reform Initiatives)

Reforming the public administration system. Abolition of the post of President of State. Adoption of the Constitution. Debureaucratization. Elimination of corruption. Lustration.


Milana Gorenstein— an international lawyer, investigative journalist, writer, artist, spiritual leader of the international project “Kingdom of Love”, founder of Kingdom of Love 2111 - party of love and harmony.

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"You can call me, when you need me
I'll be right there, I'm gonna love you
And no matter what you look like
Where you from cause, I'm gonna love you"



Our address on Earth is:

Metagalaxy - the Virgo Supercluster -
the Local Group of Galaxies - the Milky Way galaxy -
Orion arm - solar system - planets of the Earth group -
planet Earth - State of Israel - city of Jerusalem.

Our address in space is:

Constellation: Cassiopeia
Visual Magnitude Indicator: 11, 8
Right Ascension: 0h 19m 11s
Declination: 50° 7’ 40’’

Tel./ WhatsApp: 0523 828 927

Email: info@kingdomoflove.org

Website: www.kingdomoflove.org.il

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Press Release - CAMPAIGN

Support Kingdom of Love 2111 with a Donation! Your gift of $25, $50, $100, $250, $500 or more will help us raise the vital “early seed money” we need to successfully launch this important project.

Our goal is to raise $15,000 by February 21st, and I humbly ask for your support in helping us rise to this great challenge. The money will cover the process of registering a new party in the Party Register of the Ministry of Justice, lawyer's bills for verification of signatures of 100 party co-founders, State fees and other technical expenses.
Thanks in advance for your encouragement, generous support, and prayers!

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