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Thank you for your interest in Milanski Club.

The Milanski Club is an informal international association, a global think tank that deals with a variety of political issues. Our activity is directed on research of a modern condition of the world in the epoch of fundamental changes, comprehension of global problems and search for their solutions.

Work of Milanski Club is supported by national associations which promote in their countries the ideas of the organization among progressive scientists, public and government leaders.

The Program of the Milanski Club on
A New Path for World Development

The present path of world development is generating imbalances, vulnerabilities, inequities, exclusion and polarization which constitute clear threats to the prospects of both present and future generations. The Program draws on the independent, multicultural and interdisciplinary membership of the Club to clarify the key elements of a new path for world development.

It will propose new lines of thinking and action which are urgently needed to: avert the risks and consequences of catastrophic climate change; reduce the devastating impacts of human activities on ecosystems and environment and the overuse of the biological and physical resources of the planet; achieve more fairness in the distribution of vital resources and opportunities and of the costs and benefits of globalization; accelerate global efforts to eradicate poverty and deprivation of a growing world population; adapt and reform the structure of international institutions to address the integrated problems of a world in rapid transformation; and broadly, to achieve equitable and sustainable world development and thus preserve international security and world peace.

In order to manage the complexity of such an extensive range of problems, the program strategy focuses successively on five clusters of interconnected issues while recognizing the linkages between the clusters.

  • Environment and Resources

    Climate Change, Energy Security, Ecosystems and Water.

  • Globalization

    Distribution of Wealth and Income, Employment, Economic Restructuring, Trade and Finance.

  • International Development

    Environmental Stress, Poverty, Food Production, Health and Employment.

  • Social Transformation

    Social Change, Values, Culture, Identity and Spirituality.

  • Peace and Security

    Justice, Governance, Solidarity, Security and Peace.

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