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Milana Gorenstein was born on January 12, 1969 in Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia, former USSR). She grew up in Baku (Azerbaijan), where she attended school No.175 and music school, and after the graduation she studied medicine at Azerbaijan State Medical University (1987-1988).

In 1988, Milana left the USSR to visit her family in the United States, and then she repatriated to Israel. She studied philosophy, English literature and biology (specializations: neurobiology; cell & developmental biology) at Hebrew University of Jerusalem. In her student years, Milana graduated from the Israel-America Institute of Fitness in Tel Aviv, became an aerobic dance instructor, and later she trained in the karate section and also taught karate in Jerusalem.

Leaving the university in her final year, Milana went into business. She collaborated in Israel and the United States with major food and pharmaceutical networks, with the world's best companies - manufacturers of "green", environmentally friendly products. She was engaged in the production of goods in the field of aromatherapy. In 2000, she worked as director of the Jerusalem Business Club. Later she became a developer of SPA cosmetics line for cats, dogs and horses based on the Dead Sea minerals. Milana also became an author of the innovative medical project "11:11", associated with the purification of transfused blood from bacteria and viruses.

Subsequently, Milana continued her education, having graduated from the “Tel-Arza” Jerusalem Technology College with a degree in programming, as well as the Kamtec (Microsoft certified) C / C ++ / VB programming course and Kamtec (Microsoft certified) programming & web design course. As a programmer and political activist, Milana was a member of the IT team of the Israel Action Center (NGO) and collaborated with many non-governmental organizations in Israel.

Milana Gorenstein was the founder and director of the “Holistic Cancer Information Center” (NGO ) - a professional medical organization that provided cancer patients with information and services in the field of integrative medicine. At the same time, she began her activity as a journalist and wrote articles on medical topics to the largest Israeli portal.

In 2005, Milana graduated from the Moscow Academy of Humanities, becoming a lawyer with a specialization in international law (diploma thesis: “Cooperation of States in the fight against international terrorism”). At the same time she studied French for three years at “Institut Français de Jérusalem Romain Gary”, related to Consulate of France in Israel.

For five years (2003-2008), Milana was a member of the human rights organization “Amnesty International” in Israel, where she gained extensive experience in conducting global information campaigns and activities in the field of human rights. In 2007, she was elected to the Board of Directors of Amnesty International, becoming the first and only Russian-speaking member of the Board in the entire history of the organization in Israel. Her area of activity in this post was global strategic planning, she also became the founder and director of the Russian Department of AI in Israel.

In 2008, as part of her professional activity, Milana Gorenstein met members of the “Spiritual Diplomacy” Foundation (Florida, USA). Subsequent cooperation with the foundation in the field of culture and also the books of the President of the Foundation Mikhail Morgulis had a great influence on the outlook of Ms. Gorenstein.

In 2009, Milana wrote the book “Parallel Worlds: Geopolitics with Whipped Cream”. It became the ideological basis of the Kingdom of Love, which was proclaimed on January 1, 2010 as a spiritual country without borders in the clouds over the planet Earth with its capital in Jerusalem. In 2012, a coronation ceremony took place in Jerusalem, and since then Milana has the official spiritual title - Queen Maria II of Jerusalem. The Kingdom of Love implements global cultural, humanitarian and peacemaking initiatives in different countries of the world.

Since 2012, Milana Gorenstein has been successfully engaged in resolving the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. She is the author of the “Fairy City” construction and tourism project and the “Flying Taxi” Hi Tech project in Nagorno-Karabakh (2013).

Milana initiated the celebration of two international holidays: the holiday of friendship and peace “International Cake Day” (2011) - 9 founding states, and the holiday of creative people “Pink Panther Day” (2015) - 14 founding states. Both holidays were included in the register of international holidays and are widely celebrated in different countries of the world.

Milana Gorenstein is a journalist, political analyst, consultant on PR and creative marketing, chief editor of IAA “Milana’s” (since 2010) and founder of the world's first food media – “Sweet News Daily” newspaper (since 2017). She had been a member of the International Press Association (USA) (2011-2012) and the International Bloggers Association (2015-2017).

Milana is a scriptwriter of the film project "Breaking the Wall" (Hollywood, USA) and the founder of a new genre of fiction films - Real Fantasy (2011-2019). She was a member of the Israeli Actors Association “SHALASH” (2018).

Since 2012, Milana Gorenstein has been involved in investigative journalism, and her “heroes” are leading politicians, presidents, ministers, prosecutors, transnational companies and non-profit organizations, judges and other responsible persons from different countries of the world. The results of these anti-corruption investigations were high-profile criminal cases and lawsuits.

Since 2014 Milana is an artist, owner of the "Milana’s Art" brand, teacher of intuitive art in Israel and abroad. Fashion designer, jewelry designer, founder of the "Cassiopeia 2111" fashion house (2015). In 2016, she initiated the celebration of the International Artist Day in Israel. In 2018, Milana studied at the “Linor Gabay” Beauty School in Jerusalem and graduated with makeup artist diploma.

She is an author of the infrastructure and tourism project “Garden of Love” (500,000 trees in Israel) to which it is planned to attract Hollywood stars (since 2016); founder of the international economic project “The Jerusalem Caucasian Club” (since 2017), for which he developed innovative marketing methods; the author of “The First Interplanetary Culinary Championship in Jerusalem” project (July 20, 2019), in the framework of which for the first time in history the dancing pairs of figure skaters will compete according to the new rules.

Candidate for President of Azerbaijan (2013)
Candidate for President of Israel (2014)
Candidate for Knesset (2015)
Candidate for President of Azerbaijan (2018)
Head of the Government of Azerbaijan in exile (since October 17, 2018)

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